Growing up within a family of talented craftsmen and women, my formative years were to heavily influence my love for Interior Design. Combined with qualifications gained in the humanities, and interior design, as well as professional roles within both the social services and the business management of busy retail operations, I am able to combine all of my skills and experience, bringing you a package that is design savvy, business minded and personable.

With an eye for design, a head for business, and a love for helping people achieve their dreams, interior design is a great fit for me.

So, How Can I Be a Great Fit For You?

Firstly, I listen to what you say, identifying what you want your home to look like, how you want to live in your home, and just as importantly, what you don’t want your home to look like!

The end result is an interior space that best suits you, and those you live with and share your home with. All presented within an aesthetic framework that captures interior design elements that you love.

The design process is undertaken with care, integrity and conscience.

All budgetary considerations are taken on board, and every effort is made to keep within the parameters discussed. Just because a client can afford it, does not mean a project should not be handled without a care for cost.

The same considerations are also employed for those clients on a small budget.

Communication is key!

From our initial meeting until the project is complete, and a 3 month review (post completion date) is conducted, all aspects of the project will be discussed at times mutually agreeable with respect to your busy lifestyle, and mine. I strongly recommend and encourage an open dialogue regarding any aspects of the project throughout our working relationship. Ultimately my valued clients are happy with the end result because they have entered a working relationship where open communication is encouraged, and where they have felt comfortable sharing it.

An interior design space with the x-factor.

An aesthetically pleasing space which is comfortable, and best represents the people living within it are absolutely non-negotiable! However, the finishing details, attention to detail and the composition of all of these elements with a definitive eye for design are also what you paying me for. A space that is a balance of all of these design elements within a finished look that is uniquely all about you.