Discovering some of New Zealand’s little gems and other Designer highlights!

Posted on: February 9th, 2017 by Decorate26.


Welcome to the first newsletter of 2017! This year will be another busy one for me.

One of the biggest projects I have planned is the renovation of my own home. Our homes are the one space where we can fully express ourselves and push the boundaries. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I will be doing just that!

In this issue, I’m excited to be sharing with you some of New Zealand’s best kept secrets, discovered on my travels this summer, and some great news! A  design highlight for my business, Decorate26., picking up a service award from Houzz!



Earlier this month I received my first Service Award from Houzz! For those who don’t know about Houzz, it is a website, online community and leading platform for home decoration and design.    Visited by over 40 million people worldwide, it has become a leading platform not only for designers to showcase their businesses, but also a great vehicle through which potential clients can view the work of Interior Designers such as mine, Decorate26. As a recipient of the service award, several factors were taken into consideration including the quality of client reviews. Key descriptives that came out of my reviews included
“advice, patience and calm approach”
“resolved without fuss”
“daily reminder of her wonderful work”
“magnificent job advising and sourcing”
“the result is beautiful and comfortable”
“enjoyed your vision, ideas, skill and confidence”
Needless to say, I’m thrilled to not only have received this award as recognition for the service I provide my clients, but also how great it feels to be valued by my clients in the ways described.

So, how does this help you when choosing the right Interior Designer for your project? 

There are a number of guidelines you can adopt when embarking on your own renovation and re-decoration project. Here are three guidelines that I consider to be extremely useful.
1) Make use of online platforms, such as Houzz. They are free, accessible and filled with loads of information to help you in selecting a design professional best suited to you.
2) Interior Designers often have a signature style. View the images of their work. Do you love what they have created? Would you like something that is uniquely yours but representative of their signature style?
3) As clients, we all want a great design. However, this is only part of the design journey. Equally, clients look for fantastic service. Read clients testimonials and reviews. Look for highlights as well as how designers resolve problems should they occur. You want a Design professional who is adept at problem solving too!

Choose an Interior Design professional whose design work you love, and, who provides integrity, diligence and care in their service to you.





As many of you know, my children are fanatical cricketers! Amie, at 14 years, is starting to build a reputation for herself as a cricketer for the future. As such, my family and I often travel to watch her play. Earlier this month, we journeyed to Whanganui to do just that! The cricket was fantastic! But never one to leave my ‘designer’s eye’ at home, I was astounded by the depth of architectural history around every street corner in Whanganui. From post-colonial, modernist and art deco to name a few, Whanganui has it all! I couldn’t resist the pic of a Ford Falcon in lime green. It seem’s that the locals are not only surrounded by the fabulous history of architecture that characterises Whanganui, but also know how to drive it in style!


WOW product of the month!
Always on the hunt for the beautiful, unusual and unique, I ventured upon these stunning batik stamps in one of my favourite design destinations, Flotsam and Jetsom (see an earlier newsletter for a  write up).

Batik stamps are commonly designed with flowers and leaf patterns. Although mine are made from rubber and wood, they are usually made of copper for its heat conductive properties and used to print hot wax on to cotton. They are popular for pottery, textiles and paper applications, to name a few. 

For me, these pieces are a perfect balance between male and female elements. A fine hand with intricate detail is juxtaposed against dark tones, raw materials in a  solid, ‘ripped from the earth’ form.

Drawn to their unique characteristics, I’ve chosen to display them as part of a medley of objects and not use them for their original purpose. Kauri wood blocks with modernist overtones provide the backdrop on which these stunning objects rest. Again a framework for both masculine and feminine design elements. 

January, 2017  has been a fabulous month for Decorate26. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me. Design destinations, inspirational travel, stunning products, fabulous projects, meeting more gorgeous clients and more! And speaking of more, be sure to take a look at my blog series giving you a bird’s eye view into my own home renovation journey. The fun stuff, the frustrating stuff and the fabulous final product. All will be revealed!