Home is Where the Heart Is!

Posted on: May 17th, 2016 by Decorate26.


Welcome to my very first newsletter, showcasing my interior design business, Decorate26. In each monthly edition, you will find helpful hints to create your dream home, a spotlight on some of the interesting design destinations I have visited, and my ‘WOW’ product of the month. I hope you enjoy reading my Interior Design offering as much as I will enjoy bringing it to you!


I am currently working on a project in it’s later stages, where the focus has turned to accessories. Not only does this involve the selection of pieces, both new and old, inherited and of sentimental value, but also the arrangement of them within a scheme that is complementary to the room in which they will reside.

There are different ways in which to approach this creative process. It may start with an object that has great sentimental value. The style, colour, form and proportion of this particular object may naturally lead you to select pieces that are complementary in some aspect, such as colour. This creates what I call a natural grouping.

In some cases, a collection of objects and the display of them can take years to feel complete! It is often in our travels over the years, for example, that the selection of items to group together starts to come together.

The decision on what items to display is often based on the meaning they hold, not just their aesthetic qualities, or their suitability to a particular room or interior space.

The value of a display then, is not only in what the eye observes, but in the meaning of that observation.

The inclusion of both aesthetic and symbolic elements  give a display it’s timeless appeal. It’s relevance remains with you even as the latest design trends come and go!

Lastly, in creating your own display, my advice is to have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the placement of seemingly unrelated objects, and remember to make it meaningful regardless of how long this takes you!



In Auckland we are fortunate to have access to many exciting design destinations. This week I visited Le Forge, a homewares company providing an extensive supply of gorgeous products for the trade and wholesale market. From furniture, jewellery, soft furnishings, accessories, lighting and christmas decorations, there is something for everyone!

WOW product of the month!

This month’s WOW product is Anita. A stunning and captivating sculpture from Australian husband and wife contemporary artists, Gillie and Marc.

Gillie and Marc’s iconic characters, Rabbitgirl and Dogman, tell their own spectacular love story while celebrating the powerful spiritual relationship that can exist between man and animal

Anita, the Rabbitgirl, now resides in my formal living room at home. Perhaps Bento, the Dogman will join her!