My Home Renovation: A bedroom for a boy.

Posted on: May 17th, 2017 by Decorate26.

Children’s bedrooms can be tricky! Not because they are difficult to design and dress, but mainly because as they transition through different stages in their lives their tastes and hobbies can change quite a bit, sometimes leaving you with a room that no longer represents their personalities. Often the choice then is to leave wall colours in a neutral palette so the finishing touches can be changed without too much cost.

In designing Matthew’s room, I decided to throw caution to the wind and embrace  wall colour and pattern instead! A vibrant and theatrical space seemed the obvious choice given his love of primary colours, particularly blue and red.

So how did I incorporate these colours into the canvas of this room? A striking blue and pearlescent caramel coloured wallpaper were used to dress the walls. Masculine enough to hold the space for a number of years, yet the perfect backdrop for more colour, especially red. Florence Broadhurst’s  Kabuki fabric in red was chosen for the Roman Blind. The fabric was chosen not only because it was predominantly red (as mentioned one of Matthew’s favourite colours), but also because the pattern and colour needed to be strong enough to complement the wallpaper, as well as stand out from the wallpaper. There are no shrinking violets in this room!

Often time, wardrobe’s are forgotten and not seen. Putting a little bit of thought into how you want your wardrobe space can make all the difference to a space. It is often the details that most people overlook that can make the difference between a room being good and a room being great! Not only was it high time that an adequate wardrobing system was set up in this room but it also gave me the opportunity to create a bold, unexpected space. A block of colour in an otherwise highly decorative room has the ability to balance a space, which this wardrobe does.

Spacial planning in any space is important. The tasks that will be performed in each space are the things that need to be thought about and implemented when planning a room’s interior design. Due to limited space, a small room can be an added challenge (as Matthew’s room was).  Sleeping, playing, studying, reading, adequate storage the list goes on. How do I manage to include zones within this room to incorporate all the activities he would use the space for? This is where many hours are spent researching products, their dimensions as well as how prospective purchases  will fit with other items in the room. Scale drawings are part in parcel of ensuring everything that is purchased for this space is going to work.

How you finish a room through accessorising, and soft furnishings, is really important when it comes to demonstrating the personality of the person or person’s who use the room. Furthermore, as an interior designer it goes without saying that the space you are designing is a representation of your client’s personality and therefore displays the objects that they love! This room is incredibly successful in this aspect and even as time has progressed and Matthew has gotten older, the soft furnishings and accessories have always represented his loves, interests and hobbies.

Source: Decorate26