My Home Renovation: A Formal Living Room that calls for Elegance.

Posted on: June 6th, 2017 by Decorate26.

Some interior spaces command attention and this Formal Living Room is no exception. Enhanced by the inclusion of Matai flooring, French Doors that extend from wall to wall, a ceiling height above 2.8m and an oversized fireplace, it was important that no detail was overlooked when dressing this space. Maximising it’s scale rather than minimising it was the direction taken here.

Roman Blinds in classic blue and white were chosen. The form, colour and pattern not only enhance the feeling of spaciousness and lightness but affirm the sense of elegance wanted for this space.

Repeating patterns, designs, colours and motifs through the use of soft furnishings, such as cushions, is a great way to add continuity and flow within a room, but by teaming repeating patterns with something new, allows the room to ‘move forward’. This is a rule I use often within my interior schemes, as seen in the images below.

Pops of colour are a really easy way to draw your eye to an object that you don’t want lost in the space of a large room. Choosing red as an accent colour in sculptural pieces both large and small ensure that neither are overlooked.

Although it is nice to have a few investment pieces in a room, bearing in mind that not everything needs to cost a lot is a really important rule. Sometimes all you need is a little creativity. Chairs picked up for a song on trade me were given a new lease of life with upholstery to tie in with the colour scheme of this room. Sunburst mirrors which were purchased in their ‘raw’ state were then given the glamour factor with a coat or two of antique gold spray paint.

Enhancing the scale of the room was achieved through the placement of oversized pieces throughout the room. When placed alongside ‘regular sized’ objects, the illusion of space is further accentuated.

Tricks of the trade were used in abundance in this room and that is one of the reasons why it is such a success! Perhaps though it is the way a variety of styles have been included successfully in this room that make this space so interesting. A veritable feast for the creative eye!

Source: Decorate26