My Home Renovation: The Bathroom

Posted on: May 18th, 2017 by Decorate26.

Renovations can be a waiting game particularly when your schedule for completing jobs doesn’t always coincide with the schedule of your trades people. Thankfully, this week has seen the completion of two rooms. The first of course was my son’s bedroom (see previous blog post) and now the main bathroom. Both of which I am extremely happy with!

Fortunately (when moving in to our current home) the layout for our bathroom, and the materials used were both aspects of this bathroom that I was very happy with, and very happy to leave. If there is one thing I could say to potential renovators, when choosing a lay out and materials, make sure that the style of your bathroom complements the style of your home’s architecture, and that the materials you choose are the very best that you can afford. Believe me, it’s been over 20 years now that this bathroom has last had a makeover and because the previous owners had chosen a classic lay out with classic materials, the result is a timeless design that has stood the test of time and prevailed when trends have come and gone. This point I cannot reiterate enough.

The brief then was not only to update the functionality of this space, but to also freshen up this bathroom without compromising the Art Deco inspired details which give this space the X-factor.

Some of the first things I had completed, was the replacement of clear window glass to privacy glass. The 20 year old ‘expel-air’ system was updated also. The Bianco Carrara marble tiles were also freshened up and re-sealed, as was the shower glass and cubicle.

The toilet and basin taps had seen better days so I was on the hunt for products that would not only fit this style of bathroom but also enhance it. I had used In Residence, a bathroom, kitchen, laundry hardware specialist, before so it was not hard to find the items that I was looking for. Stunning Art Deco inspired tap ware in chrome and a Perrin and Rowe toilet were exactly right!

Previous owners had played it safe with a neutral wall colour. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this colour palette but being the lover of colour that I am, and knowing what pops of colour can do for that ‘feel good’ factor, I opted for Resene ‘Just Right’. The starting point in selecting this colour came from the framed art work I had hanging in this space.

If unsure about what colour to paint your walls, look at the objects that will reside in the space. I loved the burnished pinks in my artwork so this was an easy selection for me. I thought my husband might balk at the choice, however he seems to like it! Maybe he’s being polite, or resigned to his fate! Certainly when it comes to colour, back yourself and be brave, it is one of the most effective ways to create ambience, and set the tone in your home.

Finishing this space wasn’t a big job. Remembering that sometimes less is more can be the best plan of attack when adding finishing touches. As a maximalist most of the time, I was proud of the level of restraint I showed! However, not one to save on quality products which I had already purchased at some point in the past, the Missoni hand towels in a palette of both warm and cool shades has been a perfect addition to this space. Essential’s such as hand wash and scented candles in colours to complement the colours in the bathroom have also been dusted off and now take pride of place.


Source: Decorate26