My Home Renovation: Walk n’ Wardrobe

Posted on: February 27th, 2017 by Decorate26.




Finishing touches make a space, so make sure you have adequate space planned to display your treasured pieces.

Make the most of what you have and that also includes wardrobes. If you are lucky enough to have the space for a walk n’ wardrobe even better! It is a room unto itself and deserves the special treatment to turn it into a space that is great to use and enjoy.

So where to start? The amount of space you have will determine what you can and can’t have. In a sense this can make planning a walk n’ wardrobe easy (although it also helps if you aren’t a clothes horse)! Who do you have to consider when planning the space? What size shoes will be stored in this space? Why would you need to know this, you might ask. If you, like me, prefer to store your shoes out of sight, the depth of the pull out drawer will be very important if you or your significant other have Size 13 feet! You can’t fit a size 13 shoe inside a pull out drawer that only allows for sizes up to 10 for example. Soft close drawers? or standard? Drawer handles or a modern, seamless design with no handles? Melamine, Veneer or Timber cabinetry? Is your cabinetry the hero of your space? Or are the elements around it the heroes? To mirror or not to mirror? All of these questions and more need to be considered.

In creating a walk n’ wardrobe that I love, I always look for elements that will give a space it’s points of difference. For me the heroes of this space include wallpaper and accents of red.

make room for practical but fun pieces, like this pouff.
Stunning antique chinoiserie in chinese red provided a touch of glamour and pops of colour.
Stunning Catherine Martin wallpaper is the perfect canvas for this walk n' wardrobe.
Pop coat stand provides contrasting shapes to add interest to this space.

It also has everything I need from storage to a wall mounted mirror. I’ve added finishing touches with  gorgeous french textile baskets (which double as extra storage), a ‘pop’ coat stand in materials that are robust and user friendly, and a pouff that reiterates the colour palette used . All the elements are fun and practical, yet the overall space is grown up and sophisticated making it a walk n’ wardrobe appropriate to a master bedroom area.




Lastly, the inclusion of floor coverings with warm, harvest tones and the use of warm lighting reaffirm the overall warmth of the space. Red accent colours used promote further the ‘warm’ direction but at the same time counterbalance the silvers, whites and blacks that would otherwise create a cool space. Red as an accent colour also provides a neutral space with pops of colour that draw the eye to objects that need to be admired and looked at.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece. I’m in the middle of renovating at the moment and I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I bring you the next edition.. what will it be? Guest Bedroom, Master Bedroom or The Landing?  Wait and See.


Source: Decorate26